TOWING SERVICE CALL AL AT TUKWILA TOWING!! I have never bothered to write a Google review before, but I was so blown away by my experience that I felt it was my obligation to do something positive, however small, for this man and his company. I was beside myself in the middle of the night trying to do an airport pick-up at Sea-Tac for my business. I had to be at the Alaska Cargo Counter at a precise time to receive a live animal on behalf of a client. The cat had been on a very long flight, the counter was closing soon for the night, and I HAD to get there! I had traveled from Bellingham and realized that I had no cash or credit cards on me and was about to run out of gas as I was nearing the Sea-tac area! The only thing that I could think to do was to try to find a roadside assistance place that would accept PayPal, which hardly anyone does. Al calmed me down, said that we were both human beings and he was happy to help. He told me he would meet me at a gas station and fill up my tank, and that I could just put a check in the mail. Who does that for a stranger in this day and age? That's exactly what he did. He made sure that he met me right away so I could make it to the airport in time. I don't know what I would have done without him. Thank you again, Al, for just being a good and honorable person. I highly recommend supporting this business!
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