TOWING SERVICE Just another day driving home from work on the freeway when suddenly the check engine light turns on. Nothing good comes from this event, I'm thinking, " okay I guess it's time to call a mechanic." But not even a minute later, the engine dies and I slowly merge over. I just moved up here a few months ago so I call the closest towing company nearby, Tukwila Towing to hook up and drive me 20 miles to my home. As im waiting I decided to check yelp to see some reviews on the company and maybe compare prices. there was none, okay well not a problem. already know I need to work more overtime to cover these new auto costs. I talk to Al, courteous and friendly he informs me it'll be a 25min time frame, he gets there in a half hour. He gave me a quick explanation to my problem (timing belt issue). He hooks the car up and we go. We get to my apartment and it's no picnic backing into the small driveway but he does so with ease. He also pushed the car into my garage. And the price was a lot better than I expected, a little under $200. This is why I write this report, thanks Al for making this hiccup go as smooth as one could ask for!
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